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had about 30mn to play my first game. I had a great time ; visited 4 places, went into a Cave and already had my first Advance after a successful fight against a Spook.

Can’t wait to have more time to continue this adventure!

Remember to post your map after all will be done - either good or bad way ;)


The atmosphere of the game was what compelled me to check it out in the first place, and not only did it not dissapoint, but it also delivered a very satisfying game experience.

I had been on the look out for such fulfilling solo games that did not require journal keeping, where the fun in playing resided in the random procedures themselves, and I was on the brink of simply playing "You Died!" once again so finding this game came in a very good time.

Wow, thanks! I am very glad that you liked the game and that it's cool not only cause of the illustrations :)


This game is amazing! The black and white layout is perfect for the block printing art and feels like an old book I found somewhere. The rules are dense but very satisfying; I usually like a lighter game but I feel very excited just from reading all the content. It's well thought out and I can already see how fun this game can be. 

The only qualm I have with this game is the creator referring to it as a "micro" rpg. There is nothing micro about this game! It's so rich and full, easily worth the $3 and more. If you're interested in solo games but want something that feels a bit heavier, with a dash of Polish folklore, this game is for you! 


As for this "micro" case, in addition to instinctively belittling myself (a terrible habit), it was influenced by the fact that the Dark Fort, from which Corny Groń "grown", is so named by the author. But yes, after some time I also think that there is nothing micro in this game :) Thanks!


I'm not a big fan of solo role-playing games, even if I'm looking at it more and more as the years go by. I must say that I have a few in the cards... In the meantime, I discover this game inspired by Polish folklore, with beautiful engravings as illustrations and a way of playing not far from the stories you are the hero, with a little more randomness. It's still a survival and combat game, which is not really my thing at the moment, but the format is really nice.


Terse, yet rich and starkly beautiful. This is a wonderful solo adventure with a glorious, unforgiving environment to explore with enough depth to be used as a setting/ point crawl for other games. 

I can't wait to play again and bring others to Peak Black!

Also, the soundtrack is amazing!

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hello, I'm playing the game right now and something looks off. 

in the advancement section, what does the special herbal potion do? it says it gives you 5 points but that can't be it since i just sacrificed 15 to advance

does the protection ward protect you for the whole fight with 1 use, or does each turn consume 1 use?


- the potion gives you free 5 points after advancement - remember that you win the game after getting all 6 advancements, so you get one step further into winning with some point to collect the next advancement; normally you have spent all your points, a minimum of 15, to advance, so after the level up you don't have any points, unless you got the special potion
- each turn consume 1 usage of protection ward if you decide to use it (you don't have to - like, you can use ward on round 1 after getting hit by the enemy, don't use it on round 2 when it misses and so on, just like fire glyph

thank you


I’ve already played twice and now I have two new point-crawl maps to use for other games. This is a fun little roll-and-draw!

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Love the European-folklore atmosphere.

Love the illustrations.

Love the solo mechanic, simple but at the same time having varied and descriptive encounters that make the exploration experience much more immersive, narrative-focused and emotional compared to the usual cold and boring solo crawlers (the kind of crawler in which you always encounter generic and flavorless rooms comprising monsters).   

highly recommended! 


I didn't try the game but i just checked quickly the pdf and the illustrations are really beautiful ! It motivates me to try the game ! Thanks a lot for your work :D