Update#19 - PRINTING!

Hello travelers!

Keeping first things first - despite the planned date of June 2023 for the shipment of physical copies of the book, not everything has gone according to our plans, and now, at the end of June, we are in the process of finalizing the printing, which means that the books will be ready for shipment a little later. We apologize for the slippage, and of course we will let you know as soon as we start shipping, which will happen, hopefully, very soon indeed, because...

...we already have proofs of the book pages! We wanted to be sure that everything will look the way we wanted. And fortunately, it totally does. So, since we have the "technical parameters" confirmed, all that's left is to prepare files for printing, complete the spine of the cover, and wait for the printing machines to do the right thing.

Between paragraphs, I've uploaded photos of these test prints. I just hope the camera on my phone is good enough to capture how neat everything came out! 

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