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Hello everyone!

The most important thing we wanted to say is that we've received information from our printer that they are printing and sewing the books as we speak, and they are aiming to finish production in the middle of December. So, we are hoping that we will be able to start shipping the books by the end of the year, but considering what is happening in Polish postal service during the holidays, it may be safe to assume that shipment will be finished on January.

Second thing is that we have updated the PDFs with the game with some edits and changes made as part of "final_final" review before the printing. Both "main" adventurer's guide and "supporting" player's guide (if you want to make it easier for players to immerse in setting) got updated.

Thanks a lot for your patience! We will do our best to keep you as informed about the whole process as we are :)


Beyond Corny Groń Adventurer's Guide [ENG] 1.4.pdf 143 MB
82 days ago
Beyond Corny Groń - Player's Guide to Karpaki 1.0.pdf 21 MB
73 days ago

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What about DTRPG version? I see there that the latest update was December 1st, is this the same one?


Yup, I was waiting with itch.io update post to get player's guide as well, but main file is the same as on DTRPG :)