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Greetings, fellow outlaws and hikers!

We considered that if you were interested in Corny Groń, a solo game about exploring folklore-infused highlands, you may be also into its extended, group-play intended successor – Beyond Corny Groń: Adventurer’s Guide. The Kickstarter just launched (it’s here – LINK), and we’re super excited about what we may encounter behind this hill.

By the way, as an add-on in this campaign, you can order a printed version of solo Corny Groń!

Beyond Corny Groń is system neutral toolkit and sandbox generator. Just like its solo ancestor, it’s heavily inspired by legends from the Polish mountains, folk songs of bold highwaymen, and romantic tales about Hidden Things. It was written by me, Kuba Skurzyński (hi!), and made real with huge help from a bunch of friends and talented folks from the Polish TTRPG scene. We hope to get the funds to print the core book for the game, which will contain everything needed to explore the fantastic land of Karpaki. We also plan to continue making further stuff for this setting once the Guide is published, with additional modules and other mountain-inspired materials for your game tables.

Adventurer’s Guide comes from many great games and adventures grown on fertile OSR soil, both in terms of writing and design. I put supernatural creaturesdaring outlaws, and noble-born sorcerers together with my experiences of adventure role-playing games, based on facing the unknown, exploring fairy-tale lands, investigating ruins lost in time, and looting ancient treasures.

Want to know more? Or maybe you’ve already decided you want to back it? Go to Kickstarter page, everything you need is there, including the Player’s Guide to Karpaki, a free introduction/primer to the setting of Corny Groń.

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