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Doomed from the Start

Hoarfrost is a narrative horror game about groups of ordinary people facing unfathomable threats in self-contained short stories. In particular, it focuses on fear of the unknown in the moments leading up to the confrontation between the players and the adversity, empathising mental strain and tension within the group. All shall either perish or escape, barely clinging to their lives. All without a drop in suspense. All within a single game session.

No Past; No Future; Only Now

The stories themselves are created by the mix of randomness and creative storytelling on part of all participants, which means that no two are alike. The game’s designed with the idea that no prior knowledge of the system or setting is needed to run it, nor is it suited for multi-session campaigns. The mechanics are simple and preparation time close to none, which makes Hoarfrost perfect for almost any game session, even as a last second substitute for when someone from your regular group drops out.


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This is AWESOME, I needed a game that utilizes the four humours, this is really evocative!

Cool concepts!